First Hand Stories

Gipsie Ranney told the story about receiving feedback from Dr. Deming on something she wrote. At one point in the conversation, she told Dr. Deming ‘I thought work was supposed to be fun, I’m not having fun.’ At which point Dr. Deming sat up in his chair, grabbing his suit jacked lapel and said “I am.” (Dave Nave)

The Deming Scholar program forever changed my perspective and set me on a career that has so far been a very fulfilling and impactful path.  Foremost, the program enhanced my capability as a lifelong learner as is required of systems thinkers.  Secondly, it gave me unique perspective that has proven critical in leading practical, organizational change.  It was somehow sweet irony that the first course Dr. Orsini arranged for us was on Information Technology.  I’m very thankful and proud to be among the world’s Deming Scholars.
… Robert Wilson

The Deming Cooperative - 2018