The Deming Cooperative no longer offers Conferences, Seminars, or Workshops.

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The W. Edwards Deming Institute The aim of the Institute is to foster an understanding of The Deming System of Profound Knowledge® (SoPK) to advance commerce, prosperity and peace.

The W. Edwards Deming Institute is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization founded in 1993 by internationally renowned statistician, author and consultant Dr. W. Edwards Deming.

The Deming Institute is bringing the teachings of Dr. W. Edwards Deming to a new generation, for a rapidly evolving new world. We believe in inspiring individuals and organizations to make a difference, think differently, ask better questions and seek new knowledge. (more)

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In2:InThinking Network - The aim of the In2:InThinking Network is to promote study, insight, and application of individual and collective awareness of sub-systems, psychology, variation, knowledge, and their interactions - elements recognized as the basis of W. Edwards Deming’s “System of Profound KnowledgeTM (SoPK)".

The concept of “inThinking” derives from “awareness of our own thinking and the assumptions" we make in how we act when we allocate resources (time, money, space, materials, inventory, equipment, ideas, etc.) where thinking is defined as “a way of reasoning.” Fundamental to resource allocation is whether our activities are deliberately (by choice) proactive or reactive, and whether the resources involved belong to the enterprise ("ours") or to one's own department, function, district, part, etc. ("mine"). InThinking invites an individual to learn to perceive the patterns of interdependencies surrounding him or her and to reason and judge with new insight and thereby engage in the activities of Purposeful Resource Management and Purposeful Resource Leadership across their enterprise. Such efforts would be commonplace in an environment of "InThinking Together."

Such a personal transformation of awareness builds upon the foundation of Profound Knowledge to include the theories of Russell Ackoff, Edward de Bono, Peter Senge, Tom Johnson, and Genichi Taguchi, among many others.

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The Deming Transformation Forum is located in the United Kingdom. 

The Deming Forum is a not for profit educational organisation which promotes the studying and application of the management philosophy developed by Dr. W.E. Deming. This approach has guided and enabled the transformation of numerous organisations and its principles are fundamental for the successful and sustainable development of all types of organisation - in industry, government and education.

The Deming Forum was formed in February 2000 to enable and optimise learning & application of the Deming philosophy. The philosophy centres on the System of Profound Knowledge (SOPK) a radical and innovative method for realising true, sustainable transformation for organisations, teams and individuals. The Deming Forum operates as a not for profit organisation in cooperation with the W Edwards Deming Institute (WEDI).

The management team consists of representatives from industry, the public sector and WEDI who volunteer their time and energy.

The Deming Forum holds the copyright for most of the British originated publications and is building an archive of material of interest to people wishing to learn more about Dr. W. Edwards Deming and his methodology.

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