Books About Dr. Deming, The Man

This section contains a list of biographies of Dr. Deming and where to get them. Books listed here focus more on Dr. Deming as a person than on his theories.


 Deming: The Way We Knew Him
 edited by Frank Voehl (Saint Lucie Press, 1995) 

Deming Management at Work  
by Mary Walton (Perigee, 1991)  


  The Keys to Excellence: The Story of
  the Deming Philosophy
  by Nancy R. Mann (Prestwick Books, USA, 1985)

The Deming Management Method  
by Mary Walton (Putnam Publishing, New York, 1986)  


 Dr. Deming: The American Who Taught
 the Japanese About Quality
 by Raphael Aguayo (Fireside Book, NY, 1990

The Man Who Discovered Quality  
by Andrea Gabor, (Random House, 1990)  


 The World of W. Edwards Deming
 by Cecelia S. Kilian (SPC Press,Inc., Knoxville, TN, 1992) Ceil (as the author is known) writes as  
 secretary, assistant, friend, and confidante of Dr. Deming. She worked for him for 39 years.

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