Books Referenced by Dr. Deming in His Books

In Out of the Crisis (OOTC) and The New Economics for Industry, Government, Education (TNE) Dr. Deming cited examples and passages from books authored by others. He also recommended books to the reader for further study. Below is an alphabetical list by title of the 68 books Dr. Deming made reference to, along with the page number and chapter where Dr. Deming made reference to the work.

Applications, Basics, and Computing of Exploratory Data Analysis, by Paul F. Velleman and David C. Hoaglin (Duxbury Press, 1981)(p312-c11, OOTC)

The Deming Dimension, by Henry R. Neave (SPC Press Knoxville, 1990)(p85-c3, p219-c10, TNE)

The Deming Route to Quality and Productivity, by William W. Scherkenbach (George Washington University Continuing Engineering Education Press, Washington, 1986) (p39-c2, p148-c6, p199-c9, p204-c9, p222-c10, TNE and p368-c11,OOTC)

Deming's Road to Continual Improvement, by William W. Scherkenbach (SPC Press, Knoxville, 1991)(p57-c3, p90-c3, TNE)

Data Analysis and Regression, by Frederick Mosteller and John W. Tukey (Addison-Wesley, 1977)(p312-c11, p370-c11, OOTC)

Economic Control of Quality of Manufactured Product, by Walter A. Shewhart (Van Nostrand, 1931; repr. ed., American Society for Quality Control, 1980; repr. by Ceepress, The George Washington University, 1986)(p3-c1, p32-c2, p169-c6, p269-c8, p369-c11, OOTC)

Shewhart's ideas for study of variation greatly influenced Dr. Deming's theory of management. Dr. Deming recognized the importance of Shewhart's work and made sure that it was brought to the attention of influential statisticians. Some knowledge of basic statistics and calculus are necessary to get full benefit of the theories described in this text.

Elementary Principles of the Statistical Control of Quality (JUSE, 1950; out of print)(p134-c6, TNE)

Engineering Statistics and Quality Control, by Irving Burr (McGraw-Hill, 1953)(p83-c8, TNE and p333-c11, OOTC)

Experimentation and Measurement, by W. J. Youden (National Science teachers Association, Washington, D.C., 1962)(p370-c11, OOTC)

Exploratory Data Analysis, by John W. Tukey (Addison-Wesley, 1977)(p312-c11, p370-cll, OOTC)

Exploring Tables, Trends, and Shapes, by David C.Hoaglin, Frederick Mosteller, and John W. Tukey (Wiley, 1984)(p312-c11, OOTC)

The Face of Battle, by John Keegan (Viking, 1977)(p395-c13, OOTC)

The Fifth Discipline, by Peter Senge (Doubleday, 1990)(p65-c3, TNE)

Fundamentals of Physics, by David Halliday and Robert Resnick (Wiley, 1974)(p281-c9, OOTC)

Guide to Quality Control, by Kaoru Ishikawa (Asian Productivity Organization, 1976. Available from Unipub, P.O. Box 433, Murray Hill Station, New York 10157)(p368-c11, OOTC)

Guides for Quality Control, by American National Standards Institute (Identified as A.S.Q.C. B1 and B2, published by the American National Standards Institute, 1430 Broadway, New York 10018)(p368-c11,OOTC)

Handbook on Evaluation, edited by Elmer L. Struening and Marcia Guttentag (Sage Publications, Beverly Hills, California, 1975)(p395-c13, OOTC)

Head to Head, The Coming Economic Battles Between Japan, Europe, and America, by Lester C. Thurow (William Morrow, 1992)(p138-c6, TNE)

Industrial Specifications, by Eugene H. Mac Niece (Wiley, 1953)(p169-c6, p369-c11, OOTC)

An Introduction to Genetic Statistics, by O. Kempthorne (Wiley, 1957)(p143-c3, OOTC)

Introduction to Operations Research, by C. West Churchman, Russell L. Ackoff, and E. Leonard Arnoff (John Wiley, 1957)(p50-c3, TNE)

Introduction to the Theory of Statistics, by Alexander M. Mood (McGraw-Hill, 1950)(p369-c11, OOTC)

Japan's Import Barriers: Analysis of Divergent Bilateral Views, by Japan Economic Institute (Washington, DC, 1982)(p43-c2, OOTC)

The Keys to Excellence: The Story of the Deming Philosophy, by Nancy R. Mann (Prestwick Books, Los Angeles, 1985)(p368-c11, OOTC)

The Logic of Modern Physics, by P. W. Bridgman (Macmillan, 1928)(p281-c9, OOTC)

The M-Form Society, by William Ouchi (Addison-Wesley, 1984)(p56-c3, TNE and p307-c10, OOTC)

Management Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices, by Peter Drucker (Harper & Row, 1973)(p32-c2, p99-c3, TNE)

The Meaning of Meaning, by C. K. Ogden and I. A. Richards (Harcourt, Brace, 1956)(p281-c9, OOTC)

The Measurement Process, by Harry H. Ku et al. (National Bureau of Standards, Special Publication No. 300, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402, 1969)(p369-c11, OOTC)

Measuring and Enhancing the Productivity of Service and Government Organizations, by Marvin E. Mundel (Asian Productivity Organization, Aoyama Dai-ichi Mansions, 4-14 Akasaka 8-chome, Minatoku, Tokyo 107, 1975)(p16-c1, p120-c3, OOTC)

Methods for Statistical Analysis of Reliability and Life Data, by Nancy R. Mann, Raymond Schafer, and Nozer D. Singpurwalla (Wiley, 1974)(p216-c11, OOTC)

The Methods of Statistics, by L. H. C. Tippett (Wiley, 1952)(p370-c11, OOTC)

Mind and the World Order, by Clarence Irving Lewis (Charles Scribner's Sons, 1929) republished unabridged by Dover Press, New York, 1956 (p104-c4, TNE; p133-c3, p277-c9, p317-c11, p351-c11, OOTC)

Dr. Deming was greatly influenced by Lewis's writings about the relationship between information, experience, theory and knowledge. The importance of operational definitions and the fact that there is no "true value" for anything that you measure are concepts from this book. The importance of the theory of knowledge to management was an outgrowth of Deming's reading of this book in the 1930s.

The book is not an easy read. Some knowledge of basic philosophical thought would be helpful before reading this book. Dr. Walter Shewhart recommended Lewis's book to Deming. Dr. Deming reported that he had to read it a number of times before he understood it. His recommendation was to start at Chapter 6.

Motion and Time Studies, by Marvin E. Mundel (Prentice-Hall, 1950; rev. ed., 1970)(p216-c7, OOTC)

No Contest: The Case Against Competition, by Alfie Kohn (Houghton Mifflin, 1986)(p131-c6, p150-c6, p153-c6, TNE)

Off-Line Quality Control, by G. Taguchi and Yu-In Wu (Central Japan, 4-10-27 Meieki Nakamura-ku, Nagaoya, 1979)(p50-c2, OOTC)

On-Line Quality Control During Production, by G. Taguchi (Japanese Standards Association, 1-24 Akasaka 4-chome, Minatoku, Tokyo, 1981)(p50-c2, OOTC)

Precision Measurement and Calibration, edited by Harry H. Ku (National Bureau of Standards Special Publication 300, Vol 1; Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D.C., 1969)(p269-c8, p440-c15, OOTC)

Process Quality Control, by Ellis R. Ott (McGraw-Hill, 1975)(p370-c11, OOTC)

Pygmalion in the Classroom, by Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson (Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1969)(p27-c2, TNE)

Quality is Free, by Philip B. Crosby (McGraw Hill, 1979)(p214-c7,OOTC)

Quality Control Principles, Practice and Administration, by A. V. Feigenbaum (McGraw-Hill, 1951)(p431-c15, OOTC)

Rapid Statistical Calculations, by M. H. Quenouille (Hafner, 1950)(p339-c11, OOTC)

Relevance Regained, by Thomas H. Johnson (The Free Press, 1992)(p98-c3, TNE)

Reliability and Biometry, edited by Frank Proschan and R. J. Serfling (Society for Industrial Applied Mathematics, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1974)(p426-c15, OOTC)

Sampling Inspection and Quality Control, by G. B. Wetherill (Methuen, London, 1969)(p464-c15, OOTC)

Sampling Survey Methods and Theory, by Hansen, Hurwitz, and Madow, Vols. 1 and 2 (Wiley, 1953)(p207-c7, OOTC)

Scientific Papers of Lord Rayleigh (p329-c11, OOTC)

Simple Rule to Reduce Total Cost of Inspection and Correction of Product in State of Chaos, by Joyce Nilsson Orsini (New York University Graduate School of Business Administration, University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106, 1982)(p415-c15, p464-c15, OOTC)

Stable Chaos, by David Durand (General Learning Press, Morristown, N.J., 1971)(p432-c15, p463-c15, OOTC)

Statistical Quality Control Handbook, by Western Electric Company, Bonnie B. Small, Chairman of the Writing Committee (Indianapolis, 1956) Available from AT&T Customer Information Center (specify Code 700-444), P.O. Box 19901, Indianapolis 46219. (p369-c11, p442-c15, OOTC)

Statistical Method From the Viewpoint of Quality Control, by Walter A. Shewhart (Graduate School, Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C., 1939; Dover, 1986)(p88-c2, p179-c6, p269-c8, p277-c9, p279-c9, p281-c9, p313-c11, p369-c11, p471-c16, OOTC)

Dr. Deming edited this book of four lectures delivered by Shewhart to the Graduate School of the Department of Agriculture in 1938. It was Deming who saw to it that Shewhart was invited to give those lectures.

Statistical Methods for Chemists, by W. J. Youden (Wiley, 1951)(p370-c11, OOTC)

Statistical Theory of Reliability, by Richard E. Barlow and Frank Proschan (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1975)(p216-c7, OOTC)

Statistical Theory of Sampling Inspection by Attributes, by A. Hald (Academic Press, 1981)(p463-c15, OOTC)

Statistical Theory with Engineering Applications, by A. Hald (Wiley, 1952)(p369-c11, OOTC)

Statistics, by L. H. C. Tippett (Oxford University Press, 1944)(p370-c11, OOTC)

Statistics: A New Approach, by W. Allen Wallis and Harry V. Roberts (Free Press, 1956)(p370-c11, OOTC)

Statistics for Business Decisions, by Ernest J. Kurnow, Gerald J. Glasser, and Fred R. Ottman (Irwin, 1959)(p369-c11, OOTC)

Theory of Process Capability and Its Applications, by Masao Kogure (JUSE Press, Tokyo, 1975; rev.ed., 1981) -- in Japanese (p339-c11, OOTC)

Theory of Sound, 2d ed. only, by Lord Rayleigh (1894)(p329-c11, OOTC)

The Theory of Statistical Inference, by S. Zacks (Wiley, 1971)(p464-c15, OOTC)

Time Study and Motion Economy, by R. L. Morrow (Ronald Press, 1946)(p216-c7, OOTC)

Total Quality Control, by A. V. Feigenbaum (McGraw-Hill, 1983)(p431-c15, OOTC)

Understanding Robust and Exploratory Data Analysis, by David C. Hoaglin, Frederick Mosteller, and John W. Tukey (Wiley, 1983)(p312-c11, OOTC)

The Universal Postal Union, by George A. Codding (New York University Press, 1964)(p305-c10, OOTC)

What is Total Quality Control? by Kaoru Ishikawa (Prentice Hall, 1985)(p166-c5, p368-c11, OOTC)

Win As Much As You Can, by William Pfeiffer and John E. Jones (University Associates, San Diego, 1980)(p90-c3, TNE)

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