Why Visual History Archives

Provide an invaluable resource for industry, government, education, and humanity. With nearly every testimonial, remembrance & story encompassing a personal history of life before, during and after the subject’s firsthand experience with Dr. Deming.

Society is currently in a generational/cultural change about how people interact with video and text. Nonverbal communication accounts for 66% - 85% of all communication. Environmental conditions, physical characteristics and behaviors of the speakers are crucial in communications.

  • 65% of people are visual learners
  • 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual
  • Visual aids improve learning by up to 400%

Learning has changed where today’s generation of managers rely heavily on video as a primary means to gain understanding of concepts, including management principles.

Audio-Visual media is pivotal to reaching the minds of a new generation of people interested in learning the teachings of Dr. Deming, especially in this rapidly evolving new world of visual literacy and social media.

  • Provide short, visual answers to immediate questions
  • Promote learning through educational use of visual testimonials
The Deming Cooperative - 2019