The Launch
Welcome to the first issue of The Cooperative
This issue marks the first of what we hope will be a quarterly newsletter focusing on updates about the issues that the Deming Cooperative is tackling. Among those issues expect to find
discussions of future plans, membership and updates on our various projects – throughout their evolution.
We are so happy you could join us.
The Deming Cooperative consists mainly of projects led by people with a deep passion for their idea, and operate with the understanding that The Deming Cooperative does not provide any resources towards those projects.

Background on Our Proposed Projects

Continuing Education for Colleagues
The Journal: The goal for The Cooperative (the tentative name) is to nurture the concept and build the work acquired to become a quarterly, open-access, peer-reviewed scholarly journal. The focus will be on current applications of Dr. Deming’s work, both the theory and its application. One of the current lines of research concerns neuroscience and the recent research being conducted about performance reviews and their ineffectiveness. Understanding the current science and linking it to Dr. Deming’s ideas on ranking and rating is one of the first paper topics proposed for the journal. For more information contact Joanne Tritsch at joanne@demingcooperative.org

Scholar-Practitioner Seminar: Good theory, combined with the experience of application, is vital for the future of managing. Standing boldly in the gap between the academic and business communities, we hope this event will give rise to new understandings and will lead to the emergence of new patterns of ideas, theories and principles. For more information contact Dave Nave at dave@demingcooperative.org

Deming Stories: The goal for the Deming Stories project is to create an archive of recorded stories and memories about Dr. Deming and his work, in order to preserve them for future students and researchers. Enrolling the Deming Cooperative community members to embrace modern cell phone technology and follow an established template for the interviews will allow the project to get started. As our library grows, we will be able to pull together various projects that will further our understanding of Dr. Deming’s teachings. For more information contact Dave Nave at dave@demingcooperative.org
The Board Members
Dave Nave – Our industrial representative and founding board member. Dave graduated from the Deming Scholars MBA Program, and has been a student of Dr. Deming’s works for 30 years. His work in industry to create better organizations and products feeds his passion for the Scholar-Practitioner Seminar and Deming Stories projects.

Joanne Tritsch – Our academic representative, Joanne has been teaching undergraduate and graduate level students for the past
14 years. Her exposure to helping others learn to produce scholarly research has served to inspire her passion for launching a scholarly journal. Also a graduate of the Deming Scholars MBA Program, by day, Joanne works for the New Jersey Department of Health.

Lisa Nave – Our voice of reason and business sense. Lisa’s career includes 20 years of customer service experience, from business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B).
Meet our Advocate
Jim Chandler has come out of retirement for 2017 to re-engage with the Deming community. Jim is the former President - Deming Management Alliance of Southern California, TQM/TQL Director & Graduate of the High Performance Organization program - Naval Warfare Assessment Center, Spiral Dynamics Wizard in Training. Contact him at +1 951.334.2303 {preferred} or demingstories@gmail.com
Who Was Dr. Deming?
Why Should We Care?
Recently, when mentioning Dr. Deming, many responded 'I remember hearing about Deming in my college course (or company), but I don't remember much about the topic' or similar comments. To remind people, I put together a handout. So far it works well. Page one is a reminder of Dr. Deming, page two is an introduction to The Deming Cooperative. View it here.
Historical Articles
Fortune - December 1969
“The World’s Fastest-Growing Auto Company”
Western Man, Eastern Idol, pg. 132
How to get involved.
Contact a project leader to participate or donate
Thinking of a project you would like to lead? Approach it like you owned a company, write a one page business plan.
Forward this message to a friend & suggest they subscribe
Special offer: The Stories project is planning to testing a ‘kit’ to mail people who want to interview someone. If are interested in being part of the test contact Dave Nave at dave@demingcooperative.org
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