Welcome to the first 2018 issue of The Cooperative
The self imposed goal of quarterly newsletters was overly optimistic. This issue marks the first newsletter of the new year. We will focus on updates about issues of the Deming Cooperative.
We are so happy you could join us.
The Deming Cooperative consists of projects led by people with a deep passion for their contribution, and operate with the understanding that The Deming Cooperative does not provide any resources towards those projects.

Updates on Our Active Projects

Continuing Education for Colleagues
The Journal: Work towards launching The Cooperative continues.  We have had some preliminary discussions with faculty at Mary Baldwin University in Staunton, Virginia concerning aligning some course assignments with the journal.  How that may play out is not clear at this point, but keep your eye out for future updates.  One of our readers approached us with the idea of revisiting Deming's 14 points with an eye on documenting the existing scholarly academic research with the points.  The idea came from a conversation with an undergraduate student about Dr. Deming's work and its academic foundations.  The line of inquiry between Dr. Deming's work and neuroscience remains a topic of interest.  We'd love to hear from you about your research ideas.  Contact Joanne Tritsch at

Scholar-Practitioner Seminar: The passion remains, and the outreach effort continues. For more information contact Dave at
Deming Stories: We have some exciting progress in this area. With feedback from our Advocate (Jim Chandler), a new webpage was created to display written ‘First Hand Stories’ about interaction with Dr. Deming or his teachings. Short stories are encouraged. Send then to

Also, we tested a ‘kit’ created to video record stories to future students or researchers. The kit consisted of a couple of repurposed iPhone4’s, a webcam, some lighting and small microphones, along with miscellaneous stands. The idea was to provide some basic equipment for use in record conversations of people sharing their experiences with Dr. Deming’s ideas.

We learned the recipient must be technology inclined. If not, the kit is intimidating. Maybe next time, in addition to the interviewer and interviewee we will find someone specifically to run the recording equipment/technology.

For more information contact Dave Nave at

In Other News

The Deming Cooperative has volunteered to digitize, store, and post the Ohio Quality & Productivity Forum (OQPF) video library. Videos approved by presenters will be made available through our website.

The Deming Cooperative believes first hand experiences are an excellent source of conveying meaning to future generations, and have a profound educational significance. Those who worked closely with Dr. Deming or were closely affected by his work, have unique knowledge to convey to future generations.

The OQPF conference was directed towards the assembled audience in an atmosphere of sharing current thinking. The presentations can be grouped into two categories : 1) content value, and 2) personal experience. Both are intended to inform, and both are of value to new learners and researchers.

Approved videos will be open to the general audience at no cost to the viewer and no compensation will be sent to presenters.
Jim Chandler has agreed to continue volunteering his time, effort, and expenses through 2018. He originally came out of retirement in 2017 to re-engage with the Deming community. He is having so much fun that he is continuing his involvement.

Jim is the former President - Deming Management Alliance of Southern California, TQM/TQL Director & Graduate of the High Performance Organization program - Naval Warfare Assessment Center, Spiral Dynamics Wizard in Training.

Contact Jim at +1 951.334.2303 {preferred} or

From Clare Crawford-Mason

As many of you know, I am working on a new Deming book—for regular people as well as managers. The New Wisdom: How To Survive And Prosper In A Rapidly Changing, Increasingly Complex World is about the unreported but vitally important story of the unique mindset that has emerged from Deming bringing Eastern and Western thought together in a major way for the first time. My co-author, Louis Savary, and I believe it can provide a key to a continually improving, more peaceful and successful global world. 

We need stories of personal---rather than organizational—transformation. I recall the GM executive in the l980s who told me Dr. Deming’s influence was helping him get along better with his teenage son.

Learn more in this PDF

Thank you,

Clare Crawford-Mason 
Producer: If Japan Can, Why Can’t We? And The Deming Library

Contact Clare Crawford-Mason directly at   +1 202.882.0974
Assistance Corner
People have made suggestion for inclusion in the ‘In Memory Of..’ section of the website.

However, none have provided material for inclusion.
Along those lines, I am searching for a photograph and write-up of David Kerridge suitable for inclusion.

- Dave
I'm on the look out for a print copy of U.S.News & World Report, April 22, 1991, Vol. 110 Issue 15. Specifically the article titled: “History’s Hidden Turning Points” by Daniel J. Boorstin & Gerald Parshall.

I am unable to find a print copy for sale.

All issues of U.S. News & World Report prior to 2007 are only available through LexisNexis and EBSCO. While the content is available, the image quality is low.

- Dave
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Historical Articles
ASQ Forward to American National Standard Z1.1, Z1.2, Z1.3 - 1985
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GAO Roundtable Productivity Quality - Japan vs The United States - August 19, 1980
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Who Was Dr. Deming?
Why Should We Care?
Recently, when mentioning Dr. Deming, many responded 'I remember hearing about Deming in my college course (or company), but I don't remember much about the topic' or similar comments. To remind people, I put together a handout. So far it works well. Page one is a reminder of Dr. Deming, page two is an introduction to The Deming Cooperative. View it here.
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