The Deming Cooperative is proud to be a sponsor of The W. Edwards Deming Institute's 2018 Annual Conference.

The Board of Directors invite you to join other like minded people to inspire each other, exchange ideas, and share thoughts. All in the context of exploring the highest levels of management practices and principles

The official conference brochure (PDF) can be downloaded here.

WHY ATTEND (or recommend others to attend)

We all get caught up in day-to-day activities of running a company. We forget that an executive's most important activity is to work ‘ON’ the business - not ‘IN’ it! 

Shouldn’t we be working on the quality of the management team, or improving the overall quality of the company? Shouldn’t we be exploring topics such as:
  • What is variation telling us? About the process? About individuals in the process? Economic control? Stability? Types of Actions?
  • How to work as a System? Interdependencies? Obligations of components?
  • Understanding people and their interactions with each other, circumstances, systems?
  • Knowledge in terms of how it is created & revised. How the choice of concepts rests upon usefulness for action.

Here is your opportunity to talk to leaders sharing their experiences and views about how Dr. Deming’s transformational ideas changed their organization, lives, and how they see the world. Learn how leaders created organizations that serve a useful purpose, produce dynamic and meaningful change, and manage them well.


The W. Edwards Deming Institute’s - Annual Conference
October 5-6, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA

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The 2018 Conference is celebrating 25 years of leaders sharing the impact of Dr. Deming’s teachings in business, government, healthcare, non-profits, education and more.


Join me in Los Angeles for two days of conversation with some of the most truly amazing people I’ve ever met. 

Dave Nave
206.200.4840 (Pacific)

The W. Edwards Deming Institute® is dedicated to Enriching society through the Deming philosophy.

Efforts are focused on being a catalyst to bring Deming’s teachings to the forefront, and to inspire and motivate organizations, businesses and individuals.


The Deming Cooperative is dedicated to Carrying Forward Dr. Deming’s Teaching with Consistency.

Efforts are focused on preserving and expanding his ideas about quality, productivity and competitive position, while preparing for the rediscovery of his work.


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