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These questions are one a starter list. Questions the people found interested when asked during other interviews.

Testimonials - Questions

1. What started your Deming Journey? What kicked it off?

2. What was your AH-HA moment? – What was your ‘I hadn’t thought of it that way!’ moment? What stuck in your mind?

3. Share some thoughts about your seminal moment with Dr. Deming’s teachings?

4. What was it about Dr. Deming’s ideas that intrigued you?

5. What new perspective did you get from your experience?

6. What did Dr. Deming say that resonated with you the most?

7. What drove you to the first meeting/seminar/class?
           o How did you hear about it?

8. Tell us why were you drawn to his teachings?
          o How did his teachings influence you?

9. What makes you passionate or fascinated about his approach?

10. When did you have your ‘moment-of-truth’ or ‘instant sense’ or ‘Ah-Ha’ moment?

11. How has Dr. Deming’s theories make a difference in your life?

12. How have Dr. Deming’s theories inspired you?

13. How do you pass along your enthusiasm or knowledge to others?

14. How would you suggest someone new to Dr. Deming’s theories learn more?

15. Did you meet Dr. Deming? Tell us about it. What was his impact?

16. Why were you drawn to Dr. Deming’s ideas? What make you passionate about his approach?

Remembrances – Questions

1. How did you personally become involved with WEDI & in what fashion?

2. When did you meet Dr. Deming?
          o How did you first become involved with Dr. Deming’s ideas?
How you were introduced to Dr. Deming’s concepts?

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