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Sometimes you are talking to someone remotely over the internet. You find their conversation interesting and they have some stories that might be of interest to record. However, you are not physically in the same room. You ask them if they can using their webcam or the camera in they laptop/tablet to record their answers, then they can send the file to you. 

Use only software on the computer for recording. Internet services like SKYPE, GoToMeeting, and others record in a format that cannot be edited (they use variable frame rates based on internet traffic).

  • Find a quite place to record
    • Even small rooms with bare walls create an echo, which distracts from the message
    • Try not to sit near air vents, microphones pickup the noise
    • Turn off phones, and any other distractions or interruptions
  • Use external microphone when available. Headset microphones are fine
  • Place camera lens at eye level or slightly above. Sit laptop on books if necessary
  • Watch your lighting
    • Pay attention to shadows
    • Pay attention to what is behind you
    • Be careful of bright window, especially behind you
    • Watch out for partially or unevenly light backgrounds
    • Use two lights, one on each side of your laptop, if possible

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